Special Feature: Ethical Fashion

by Eyes On Change

Is ethical fashion too attainable?

A review of The Good Fashion Show on the Huffington Post recently described the event as “looking and feeling like a jumble sale at the town hall”. The argument was made that the event wasn’t worthy of its self imposed comparison to London Fashion Week.

Should the event have been closed off to members of the public? Would it have made a bigger impact if we had to resort to looking at photos of celebrities on their way in the door? Would we be more interested in the new ethical designs on fashion bloggers’ sites simply because we weren’t allowed to see them first hand?

Perhaps ethical fashion has missed this all important marketing scheme. By creating a glamorous unattainable world, maybe then the masses would embrace ethical fashion overnight.

But shouldn’t the option to live an eco-fashion friendly lifestyle be attainable? Isn’t that the point? Not to buy new mass-produced high street products that try to mimic the ever changing world of fashion trends?

Everyone was welcome to The Good Fashion Show and everyone was allowed to learn about the issues. It didn’t matter if your clothing was ‘last season’ or your income didn’t support the cost of a new Burberry coat, this wasn’t a runway show of London Fashion Week, this was The Good Fashion Show.

The Good Fashion Show joined together a range of creative individuals with one message: to support ethical and sustainable fashion. Yes, there were sustainable fashion designs, next to upcycled garments, next to cards, but each product was created by someone who is fighting for the same cause.

But at the end of the day, maybe the public only wants something it can’t have?